Self-Care With Box Breath

Today it was such an honor to visit a group that was working on their self-care through racial consciousness. To compliment their work I brought the box breath exercise to move out thoughts of stress and tension that we hold in our bodies with racial oppression that we see on the news, acts of injustice, and feelings of anger and disbelief. In seeing these racial incidents transpire on the news, how often have you thought or said “not this again”?!

It is dangerous to our health when we hold this in and the stress hormone cortisol impacts our feelings and mental health, impacts our cells and blood flow, contributes to high blood pressure and hyper tension, and so much more…

So with this box breath, we can practice self-care by focusing on drawing a box in the air with our fingers, or visualize it in our minds, while we… INHALE for (4) counts
HOLD our breath for (4) counts
EXHALE for (4) counts
HOLD our breath for (4) counts

This visualization helps us to focus and let go of the stressors, thoughts, and emotions just for a few minutes to recharge and restore.

Some clients have shared their headache, neck pain, tension and bad mood resolves after 3-5 minutes, or 3 rounds of box breath. Some have shared they feel light headed from new oxygen and energy cycling through their body. Take care to pay attention to your body-mind-and spirit after completing this exercise as you care for yourself in your daily practice.

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