Let Go To Let Creativity Flow

When we feel blocked from exploring our creativity it can stem from past safety/survival habits we have used to keep us together.  When habits are constantly repeated, they often become unconscious “automatic” ways of thinking, seeing and doing in our day-to-day life.

You can check out the psychology of our brain’s “automaticity” here.

Take a moment to identify your creative blocks from…
– your past marriage/relationship
– your role and type of work/career
… where else did organization, automation, specific tasks/approaches serve you well in the past?

Acknowledge these PAST blocks, and get ready to MOVE them.  Ya ready?

The next step is to CREATE safe and regular space to EXPLORE and let your walls down.  With no judgement.  Ok, so don’t laugh, but I’ve always wanted to sing. And I mean really sannnnng…. like belt one out from Whitney Houston’s (may she rest in peace) … “and I…..will always love youuuuuuuuuuuu….” BodyGuard style.  Can you hear it now? Well I hope you hear Whitney’s beautiful voice and not mine. Your ears might bleed.  But I feel so creative and cute and powerful when I sing super loud….IN MY CAR…WITH MY WINDOWS ROLLED UP.  So I create a space to let my little song bird fly.  I call myself getting even more creative when I add myself to the choir and play with the low notes, high notes, riffs, shifts and back and forth.  If you have not tried it, I strongly suggest singing along with the Sunday Service Choir.  I am jammin in my sing-a-long with their choir!  It creates space for me to let my guard down and not be judged in real life for being tone deaf (seriously, I cannot show up in real life to join anyone’s choir).

Where can you find your judgement free zone to try some creative things out and release any blocks that stop you, make you pause, or look at a blank page?  It might feel weird at first, so set a timer and try it out.  If your first creative block is just singing along to the words on lyrics.com while the song plays and you only try releasing your creative block for 5 minutes, it’s a step! You can increase your singing time (or time spent on creative endeavors below) with practice and repetition.  Just like building muscles, building new skills and habits takes time and practice!

–5 minutes to sing
–5 minutes to dance
–5 minutes to write
–5 minutes to draw
–5 minutes to paint
–5 minutes to _______ what will you come up with next?

Like all transformational work, it takes a new mindset to move from past thoughts and limiting beliefs (I’m not creative, I don’t know where to start, I’m blocked, I’m ___fill-in-the-blank__) to NEW actions.  

Your thoughts direct your actions….

And NOW you can practice taking NEW action to start creating NEW thoughts on how YOU are starting new creative and different ways of BEING and relating to the world around you.

To our health and WELLness,
Shaundra, The Pink and Green Health Coach

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