Tapping? It. Works.

I am on a journey to Self-Care and have enjoyed the benefits from deep breath work and meditation. Many of you may also practice these peaceful stress relief techniques. And then I tried something new – EFT. EFT has been different. E. F. T. …  the Emotional Freedom Technique, also commonly known as “tapping”. Have you heard of it or tried it before? It has truly been a mind body connection for me in my de-stress and self-care practice. I learned about the nine “tapping” points that follow along the meridians of our body to release blocked energy and increase the flow. EFT is considered “psychological” acupuncture with no needles and I can use it by myself without a practitioner or an appointment. Both are a plus! 

EFT dates back to Dr. Roger Callahan’s practice in the 1970s and has been adapted and adopted more commonly by current healers and wellness practitioners. EFT allows you to connect to your subconscious to release emotional and physical pain, as well as any blocks from reaching your goals and aspirations. I was introduced to tapping in 2012 when my bootcamp coach jogged alongside me, both of us tapping in between our eyebrows with the mantra “let it be easy”…thanks Coach Tony!  Since then I have used tapping to ease headache and stomach pain and to release negative thoughts or blocks from goals and aspirations that I set for myself.

To keep EFT relevant in my current practice as a Holistic Health Coach, I wanted to bring awareness to it as a new form of Self-Care in my 10-Day Detox series that I offer.  One of my summer participants learned EFT tapping from me and suggested bringing it to a larger audience through the non-profit where she volunteers. A few months later I was able to do just that. This past October, I really enjoyed sharing EFT at “Lunch with Lupus” during Royal Love’s I Am Beauty conference. Below are some highlights from our tapping session and a link to the audio part of the session so you can replay it and try out EFT for yourself!  If you’d like to learn more or experience a personal 1:1 EFT session with me, contact me to learn more! I’d love to support you with EFT.

Here is a link to the 12 minute EFT audio clip from the conference and some highlights….  
*EFT releases anxiety, stress, pain, blocks, trauma (even back to childhood)
*Release these for healing: fight off a cold or infection, keep our immune system strong to fight COVID-19
*Reduce stress and inflammation that impact lupus, type II diabetes and other chronic illnesses
*What we hold subconsciously in our body impacts our health
*Like acupuncture, the points we tap release the blocks (mental and physical)
*Use tapping to relieve pain or get over procrastination from meeting our goals

…..AND….here’s a quick resource to learn more: EFTinternational.org

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Peace and Love 💗 💚
Shaundra, The Pink And Green Health Coach

Coach Shaundra Shares EFT Tapping at Royal Love’s “Love The Beauty I Am” Conference, October 2020

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