Zen. Calm. Peace.

That is exactly what I was feeling at this moment at a 2018 yoga retreat.  Fast forward to today, April 23, 2020.  What a time we are in!  

Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting my new website, The Pink And Green Health Coach!  I am on a holistic health journey for my own health and wellness.  It is needed now more than ever as I work to center my mind, spirit, and body during the stressors of this COVID-19 pandemic. I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you as I start to blog about my own personal journey back to my BEST health incorporating what yoga taught me.  To breathe, trust myself, and connect with God and the Holy Spirit.  I am excited to post updates and engage with you through new recipes and cooking I’ll be trying, how to work out and move to be physically fit in this new virtual world, how to connect and deepen my relationships, and so much more!  

This is just the start of so much that I have to share with you along my own health and wellness path of self-love, self-discovery and peace as I work on becoming my best ME. 

Peace and Love 💗 💚
Shaundra, The Pink And Green Health Coach

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